Siccaro Supreme PRO - Premium Wet Dog Drying Coat Granite


Supreme Pro robe is the world’s fastest, new way of drying dogs while they run, play or rest, after rainy weather, water training, swimming or bath-time. It features our unique SICCARO blend of fabrics, including antibacterial bamboo, which reduces wet dog odors and keeps dirt, water and mess from your home and car. No more stinky, wet, dirty towels.

  • 90% dry within 15 minutes*
  • Holds over 11 times its weight in water
  • Odour-reducing & antibacterial
  • Keeps wet dogs warm in cold weather while they dry
  • Cools overheated dogs on hot days
  • SICCARO’s ClickLock – for easy fastening and adjustable fit
  • Quick & easy to put on for owners with restricted movement
  • Machine wash and tumble dry on low


*Depending on the length and thickness of the dog’s fur