Siccaro Supreme Pro Olive Premium Wet Dog Drying Coat


Supreme Pro WetDog robe is made from a dual layer combination of Siccaro's unique Wet2Dry textile technology and organic bamboo terry towel. It removes 80-90% of the water on a wet dog within 15 minutes. Bamboo fibre is naturally antibacterial, meaning that the Supreme Pro reduces 'wet dog' odour and also protects your home and car from odour.

It is easy to put on, with an adjustable strap that fastens around the belly using Siccaro's 'ClickLock' that can be operated with one hand or with gloves on. The dog coat has optimum coverage of the chest, stomach, upper front legs and also fastens around the back legs using an elasticated strap.

The neck is extra long to cover and dry the head and ears and the zip opening allows the collar to be folded back. It is ideal after wet walks, bath time or swimming as it allows dogs to get warm and dry with minimal fuss. Supreme Pro dog robe comes in 7 different sizes to fit most dogs.