Promise Freeze Dried Organic Beef Liver Treats 50g


Organic, healthy and tasty bites for pups and dogs of all sizes. These bites are packed with nutrition to make your furry friend happy! Our pets don't need colouring or preservatives - what they need is abundant nutrition in a delicious snack. Packed full of protein, with the perfect balance of vitamins and amino acids. PROMISE hand crafted beef liver bites are specially formulated for your pet's health from just one ingredient, using freeze drying vacuum technology that gently removes water for the most amazing reward - single ingredient, organic beef liver. 100% made in Australia.

HEALTH BENEFITS: High in protein, iron and fibre, PROMISE Organic Beef Liver Treats from Australia's channel country are a great source of vitamin A, meaning your pet can get the best protection for their skin! Containing all 20 amino acids, these treats improve microflora in the gut to support immune health, they are also a source of calcium, B vitamins, magnesium, vitamin E, selenium, CoQ10, copper and a variety of other nutrients that will assist your pet's health.

HOW TO USE: Break into bite size pieces for a delicious, irresistible reward.