Ausrichter Hippiron 20ml


Injectable treatment of anaemia in racing and sporting horses due to iron deficiency. Iron deficiency in racing and sporting dogs and horses is well documented. Iron deficiency can be caused by parasitism, poor nutrition and haemorrhage. Iron is lost through sweat. Correct blood iron levels support improved oxygen uptake.

Indications:  For treatment of iron deficiency anaemia in horses. Anaemias due to parasitism, poor nutrition, haemorrhage. To improve oxygen uptake.

Dosage:  By intravenous injection, Foals 10mL(200mg) per week. Adults & Yearlings 20mL (400mg) per week. The frequency and length of treatment will depend on the severity of the iron deficiency.

Warning: In extremely rare instances an anaphylactic reaction can occur. Appropriate treatment for anaphylactic shock should be instituted.

Storage Store below 25°C (Air Conditioning). Protect from light. Do not refrigerate

Presentation 20 mL vial