Crooked Lane Harvest Chamomile Flowers


Chamomile Flowers Premium Matricaria recutita L

Crooked Lane Harvest Chamomile Flowers are premium whole chamomile flowers. Chamomile has been used for centuries most commonly as a tea, to aid an upset stomach or to help calm, soothe, and sleep. Chamomile has many properties and helps various conditions ranging from skin and nervous system problems to acting as an antispasmodic and a digestive aid.

  • Premium Human Food Grade (species Matricaria recutita L)
  • May be added to food or made up as a tea
  • May help calm, soothe, and aid in digestion


Please note:
Crooked Lane Harvest products are supplied as a raw material only. Please refer to your health specialist for advice specific to your needs. It is the Owners sole responsibility to research and understand what herbs/plant extracts they administer to their horses.  We implicitly recommend that you consult a Veterinarian or a qualified herbalist in relation to products and recommended dosages.