Comfortis Plus Blue 18.1-27kg 6 Pack


COMFORTIS PLUS Blue 18.1-27kg 6 PACK

Blue - suitable for dogs between 18.1 and 27kg.

Pack of 6 chewable tablets. Use only as directed and contact your vet if you need assistance. 

Comfortis Plus is a fast working chewable tablet that controls fleas, intestinal worms and heartworms. 

Comfortis Plus uses the active ingredient in Comfortis, Spinosad, and rapidly works to eliminate the nasties from your furry friend. 

Benefits of Comfortis Plus includes:

🐶 Kills fleas rapidly and provides month-long protection
🐶 Treats and controls intestinal worms including roundworm,                      hookworm and whipworm 
🐶 Provides protection from heartworm when given every month

Comfortis Plus protects against:
🐶 Roundworm
🐶 Hookworm
🐶 Whipworm