Coforta 100 100ml


Coforta 100 is an injectable phosphorus solution for the supplementation of animals with phosphorus where it is apparent that such treatment would be beneficial to the animal's condition and where the simultaneous administration of Vitamin B12 is required. Coforta 100 contains butaphosphan, a readily available source of phosphorus and vitamin B12. Coforta stimulates glycogen metabolism, and helps restore the energy reserves of fatigued muscles to enhance the performance and well-being of animals.

Product Benefits:

  • Readily available source of phosphorus
  • Source of vitamin B12 - essential for normal metabolism
  • Speeds up recovery after racing or exercise
  • Improves appetite
  • Enhances recovery from surgery or illness
  • Antioxidant – free radical scavenger
  • Stimulates immunity to fight disease
  • Wide safety margin