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Meal Time and Feeding

What pet food is best for my pet? How much do I feed? How often should I feed my dog or cat? At what times should I feed my dog or cat? Ask around and you’ll hear plenty of opinions on what is the optimal feeding schedule for your four-legged companion.

There really isn’t one right answer. It depends on your pet’s nutritional needs, age, medical conditions and lifestyle — as well as your personal preference and schedule. The number of pets being fed and their individual personalities need to be considered, too. Thankfully, despite their instinctive feeding behaviors, dogs and cats are capable of adapting to several types of feeding schedules.

here are three primary ways of offering food to pets: free-choice feeding, time-restricted meal feeding and portion-controlled (or food-restricted) meal feeding.

Free-choice feeding and portion-controlled meals are typically used with both dogs and cats, while time-restricted meal feeding is used only with dogs. Of course, a combination of approaches can be used, particularly with cats. For example, if you want to feed both dry kibble and canned food to your cat, you may opt to provide a specific amount of dry food for the cat to nibble on throughout the day and feed measured portions of canned food twice daily.

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